Wednesday, November 5, 2008

IGF Release (Demo Version 0.2)

The IGF demo of 'Where Is My Heart?' can be downloaded right here.
It definately works on Mac OS and Windows. Don't know about other OS's.
I submitted it to the contest, without too great hopes.
It's pretty much the same demo as the first IndieCade Release, but there is one new gameplay mechanism added. The 'metamorphosis'. So for all those who know the old release, you may try out the metamorphosis of Antler Ancestor. Also, of course I'd like to know what you think about it. Is it pleasing to ears and eyes?

I am currently polishing another version for the IGF student contest, in which I lay more hopes. It's due to the 15th November and you qualify as a student, if you were studying in Spring 2008, for all those who're interested in submitting their game.

Umm, yeah. What else? Oh yeah, I made this animation tool called Takakukei Animator  in case you always wanted to make "Eric Chahi"-style polygon animations, like in Chahi's amazing game "Another World". (How I LOVE this game.) It's in good working condition. If you want to use it and get stuck anywhere. let me know. Also if you want to continue programming on it, ask me for the (quite unpolished) sources.


tyler said...

hey i really dig the metamorphosis feature!
its so cool to be the antler creature!
but i didnt have music
i like the jump sound though!
hey did you look at my website yet?:)

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

I added you as a link friend. Duderino. (That 'n' was meant to have the spanish wave thing on top)