Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Video Game Art

I have been thinking about finding ways how I can keep up the work on my game. I had the idea of selling unique art work. So if you would like to support me in making my game you could consider buying a piece of stamped art. Each piece will be unique. I'd send you one piece for 8 Dollar Australian. (Because I love Australia and I quite like the number 8.) 
In Euro that would be 4.23
In British Pound it would be 3.36
and in US Dollar it'd be 5.41

The price for postage would be depending on where you are located. But it wouldn't exceed 3 Euro I guess.
They will be pretty simple pieces, like the one above and you'd help me to keep working.
I'll also set up a paypal thingie soon. (I have to figure out how that works. Does anyone know, by the way?)


Heather Conover said...

Let me know when you get that set up! I love your artwork. The sample is brilliant.

Just an FYI, MIGs is soon (17th!) so if you'd still like me to put up some posters, we may have to start coordinating that asap.

Kiara said...

I agree with you. I like the arts too. Hope I can see your arts in the near future in some of the Download Games. didn't play much of the Online games, so I prefer downloading.