Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shirobon! Music

I have teamed up with Shirobon!
His song is pretty. It truly touches my heart. 'Remembering childhood' is the title, and you can listen to it at Shirobons MySpace site, or by playing the demo.

Antler Ancestor

A new character is about to be introduced to the game. Antler Ancestor. When Brown eats a special goodie he turns into Antler Ancestor, while Orange and Gray turn into Littloes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

IndieCade 2008

I barely managed to meet the deadline to the IndieCade 2008 independant Game Selections. I've built a little prototype of a tutorial level for the game. I hope there are not too many bugs. It's a rough, scetchy thing, but they specifically are interested in work that is still in progress (http://www.indiecade.com). So I thought I might as well submit. We have several new game mechanisms in this version (0.3). Since the last update an alternative reality system was integrated. Now when Gray picks a green heart, he drifts into his own reality. A scary place with portals and ghost artifacts. Only he sees them, only he can use them.