Monday, January 31, 2011

Spirit Frame Hopping tech demo

Where is my Heart? tech demo of Frame Hopping from Bernie Schulenburg on Vimeo.

For Nordic Game Jam, we decided to set up shop at the Jam and crunch through the weekend on WIMH. We also had some people test the game and it seems that we still have lots of issues with the diffulty curve.
The first couple of levels worked fine in the tests. But then the game introduces new play mechanics too fast without giving much tutorial help.

We always try to keep the tutorials non-intrusive. They should just be passive info bubbles and not interfere with the player's freedom of interactivity. At the same time they should be effective at helping the player.

Also Alessandro Coronas composed and added lots of ambients, music themes and sound to the game.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Indie Night 2011

Are you an indie developer based in the nordic region? Then you should submit something sweet and playable to Indie Night. Read more about it at Copenhagen Game Collective's site.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

level editor updated

first post in 2011 so.. happy new year everybody!
So what have we been doing? Working on Where is my-Heart? of course..
Well, over new year I had a bad sicko. Down with flu.
Slowly recovering now. We have 19 level concepts implemented. And what Nifflas says is the truth for sure:
If you think the levels you've designed are easy, they're still way too hard.

We had some test sessions with testers coming in. And we were surprised how hard some of the game mechanics were to figure out.

Also, it was high time to update the level editor. See the shots. The application is full of quirks, but as long as the user stays calm and easy, it works.

Any questions, feel invited to post. :)

Also Nordic/Global GameJam is about to happen. Are you participating?