Saturday, April 12, 2008

IndieCade 2008

I barely managed to meet the deadline to the IndieCade 2008 independant Game Selections. I've built a little prototype of a tutorial level for the game. I hope there are not too many bugs. It's a rough, scetchy thing, but they specifically are interested in work that is still in progress ( So I thought I might as well submit. We have several new game mechanisms in this version (0.3). Since the last update an alternative reality system was integrated. Now when Gray picks a green heart, he drifts into his own reality. A scary place with portals and ghost artifacts. Only he sees them, only he can use them.


tyler said...

the game is awesome bernie:)

michael said...

I love this style, and I love seeing a game so personal. Keep it up, I'm eager to see more.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

@ michael. Hey, thanks for the support. I will post a link to the indieCade demo version shortly. If you're interested in testing, I'd be glad to get some feedback ^_^. Even if it's just one sentence..