Sunday, November 16, 2008

not exactly a news rush

Hi everybody,

I think I need to apologize. I claimed to deliver these news about Game City 3, and it never really came. It's because I have been working on the IGF student contest demo, pretty much non-stop. Now, just on friday night I got that packaged and sent to the IGF. I'll also post the version soon, for download. It's the full first level, playable to the end ^_^

After sending that demo to the IGF, (it still has a couple of bugs, I'm sure), I felt like going out more than anything else. Not like sitting down, writing, at all. Also I thought I'd attach the 'news' to the video footage I made in Nottingham at GC3. Well I had problems getting the footage from the camera, because a piece of software and a cable was missing. Now I have it, so as soon as I get a free minute I'll be cutting this footage. And I'll be saying some things about Game City, people I've met and experiences. Sorry again for the long stretch of silence on that matter.

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