Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game City 3

Hi everybody. Thanks for following this blog. I was at Game City 3 over the weekend. It's a game festival in Nottingham, UK. Thanks to Stephanie Barish and Sam Roberts from the Indiecade team, I was allowed to present my game in their gallery. It was great and inspiring to sum it up in one sentence. I will be posting lots of stuff over the next days. It's going to be a bit of my own coverage of the whole event. Showing the things that I liked and learned at the event. I hope this perspective will be interesting to you. The first thing I want to say is, thank you to all the people who encouraged me in carrying on developing my game. It's important to me to get that extra drive from you.  I am still travelling back to Germany right now, so no big post now. (I am sitting in a cafe, trying to spend my last british coins) Tomorrow will be the start of 'Where-Is-My-Heart@GameCity-News'.
I added a little slide presentation of the game to this post. I made it for Game City but didn't really need it there. It may still be interesting to you. 


Erik Svedäng said...


Megan Egglesden said...


I'm looking forward to seeing that video of me and Alex! don't forget to post it up!


Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hahah! You bet I will, Megan!!
Heheh!! That was so funny!

Soon I'll post that stuff. I want to edit some of the footage first to make it a nicer thing to watch.

Heather Conover said...

I'm excited for you! I enjoy the comic strip very much.

Alex Holt said...

Hi, hows everything going? I'm looking forward to seeing any photos or videos you took in game city. I'm just being nosy...


Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hi Alex.

I tried getting those videos from the recorder, and noticed there was a cable missing. The camera is my cousin's, (he loaned it to me). So he sent me the cable. Now that I have the cable I can connect it, but I noticed there is some software missing to transfer the format.. :/
So my cousin will send me that software (..)
When I have it I will finally post those videos.
Also the one where you and Megan play Dark Room Sex Game ^_^

(Man, that was a long yarn..)