Thursday, May 1, 2008

IndieCade Release (Demo Version 0.1)

Hey, whoever is interested in testing my release for IndieCade 2008 may download it here
I'd be glad for any feedback postings.


Bernhard Schulenburg said...

There is a little bug if you run this version on Windows: The music won't play unless you start, quit and restart the game for a second time. Strange bug, I know :/
I'm on the tracks..

On MacOS it works fine.

koyna said...

Awesome game, tons of potential. Very professional and very playable. Reminds me of the good old days of Jet Set Willy and Head Over Heels. Great job.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

I promptly tried out playing Head Over Heels (well, the remake of it), to see what it's like. I shouldn't have. It'll be holding me off from developing for a while, now.
Thanks koyna! Well done.. :D

(I wonder how they achieved the 2d water ripple effect in the option screen. These things always make me stare in awe.)

Anonymous said...

Nice demo, some potential with the game, theres a small bug that if your character dies while there are hearts leading to the tree all the hearts turn black! also the game slows down a bit when theres lots and lots of hearts on the screen :S, I'm tempted to help out with the game, if you want any help that is :)

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Okay, the hearts are actually meant to be dark green, not black. Perhaps I have to lighten them up a bit, then.

You're right, that's a bug. I know exactly where this thing goes wrong in the code. Right now the color of hearts depends on one variable of the character object. This var flips, when the character dies. Healing that bug would mean to have one var for each heart.

So you just stood on the block producing hearts endlessly? I catch myself doing that too, lots of times. ^_^
Yeah, the slowing down is something I have to take care of :/

Thanks for offering your help. In which way, did you think? Like, testing? That would be great..

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Oh, and if you're interested in why those hearts are dark green, it's about the hurting side of love..

Here's my statement on game mechanics..

Joe said...

haha yeh, i was endlessly producing hearts, i figured out the trick to it pretty quickly :P

Yeh i figured it was something like a global variable, lots of ways to fix it :)

I could help with a lot of things - I have some knowledge with C# (very similar to java), C++, openGL, networking, etc. I could test, but it would be a bit of a waste :P

email me @ if ur interested.

Aylin said...

Hallo Bernhard,

Henning hat mir die Seite empfohlen. Super Spiel! Macht Spaß und ich finde das Konzept, das dahinter steckt, passt sehr gut. Letzendlich müssen die drei kleinen Monster zusammenarbeiten, um ans Ziel zu gelangen.
Ich hab nur manchmal überlegen müssen, ob ich die 1,2 oder 3 drücken muss, um ein Monster zu bewegen...
Gruß, Aylin

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hey Aylin.

Ja, das Interface passt mir auch noch nicht so ganz. Statt den Tasten 1,2,3 überlege ich, ob man nicht einfach mit der Leertaste alle drei Monsterchen durchschalten könnte.

Toads said...

I'd be more than delighted to test it out, so I'll go and do so now.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Kewl, let me know what ya think of it.

I am especially interested in where you got stuck, if you did..

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Just found your site through a post you left on Erik Svedäng's site. I was immediately compelled to play the demo for your game. Only bug I noticed was the holding down allows you to run around on your head; but I'm quite sure you will have picked that up by now. Excellent work so far; if the entire game can be crafted to be as subtle and engaging as the demo, you'll have a hit on your hands. I'm quite looking forward to seeing where you'll take this.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Thanks Eli,

Well there is still lots of work. The head-travelling thing is feature not bug. :D
Just kidding. That problem is on the list.
I am currently spending efforts on refining the game rules and the setting, while trying to keep what I promised with the demo. Not so easy, right now, it seems.
Sometimes being creative is just like drinking water, on other days it's more like chewing on a bar of soap. Does that make sense, at all? :P
I'll be following your new game project. The first shot looks intriguing. Looks like a platform adventure, from what I can tell-

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Firstly, it does make sense. A ton of sense. I've been making games (some great, some horrid) for years now... and I totally agree with that statement.

My team has three projects right now, the one you mention being my personal project. I find it helps more than hinders to have multiple projects; because if my juices stop flowing on one, I can usually pick up another with ease. But that might just be me.. haha..

And (to answer your rhetorical question) yes, it is a platform adventure. Having made bunches of platformers in my day; I've never made one that's this straightforward. We'll see how it goes.