Saturday, February 9, 2008

So this is kind of a first mockup for the game I have in mind.. It's like a platform puzzle/adventure game with comic frames. You walk out of one frame and end up in another frame.
This comic frame mechanics should give us some levers for interesting puzzles. Some frames are partly congruent/overlapping, so you would see the guy walking in both frames. From frame to frame, it's not neccessarily how you'd read a real comic. Maybe the guy ends up in an unexpected frame..Another thing is, I want the game to be very forgiving, you shouldn't die, or if there is death, then there is a really close place where the guy gets back into game. I don't want goodies in the game, only the bare neccessities.
I think I first want to have the game design complete before I start with programming. Because, as Jonathan Blow says, programming is easy, Production is harder, Design is hardest. Taking care of that early, should be the key to a good game.
I am now thinking up a story line (maybe nonlinear) and then also I need puzzle ideas, interesting game elements, that lead to a good puzzling/adventurous/explorative gameplay.


tyler said...

it's a good idea. but we could run into problems with it.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

like what kinds of problems do you mean?