Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Inspiration from Marcel Dzama

I had this inspiration from Marcel Dzama. He painted one picture with a pile of dead bodies, and a text saying,

"Inside I died this many times."

or something similar. We could use that for the game. When the player guy kills somebody. You see in one frame how the person you just killed falls down on top of the pile. Or later at the time when the player guy dies by some game incident, all the ones he killed prior to his death fall onto the pile. 

Thus the player will accumulate this pile, and depending how many he killed the pile will grow and grow. It's a pretty mean thing to do with the gamer, I know. But it seems interesting. 

At a later stage, maybe towards the end of the game, we could have the player guy walk over this pile. That's gruesome, even if we use "cute" graphics.  Or maybe especially because of the cute graphics.

I was also thinking of use real painting scans for everything. Animations, background graphics and all.. That would make it look really home made, which it is. And the animation could also be really edgy and non-soft, just like a really selfmade cartoon. Collage and Decollage would be very interesting too.. Gives it this really used look

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