Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Game Engine, Level Builder and Thoughts on How to Proceed

The current status of the game engine: For the player guy we have basic collision and the player can skip from one Comic Frame to another, back and forth at well defined spots. 

The player falls downwards, when not touching a platform underneith. Jumps and falling are non physical for the moment. A jump will move the player guy up in a linear way,  (no gravitational constant, no quadratic curve behavior, ie. no speeding up with time falling). Maybe I will add that at a later stage. But correct Physics do not bother me right now. Instead I am working on overall game rules and mechanics. 

What else? Ah yes. I have the basics of a level editor ready. You can place platforms, walls and portals by mouse drag.

Next things to do? Humm, maybe think first before carrying on. First to further develop the rules of play. For example what happens when the player is in the middle of jumping and suddenly presses down? We could have that be a function. Like an attack, or something. 

Also, what do we want the non player characters to be like? Can they walk around? Talk? Do stuff?
Actually do we want text in the game or an absolutely non text game, which is kind of neat, I think. Only sounds and music? 

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