Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in CPH..

Hi friends,

returned to Copenhagen. I'm terribly jetlagged but also re-energized..
Plus nordic spring is finally kicking in.
Also there's an article about Where is my Heart? in Kill Screen Magazine. *proud


Pippin said...

Hey, congratulations on the article! Go publicity!

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hi Pippin.. thanks. :) we should catch up some time soon.. (ps: haven't forgotten about the comic jam..)

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Excellent - soon you won't even have time to talk to us little guys! haha, seriously that's exciting though.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hey Eli.. what are you working on these days?

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Hey, well.. I'm actually back on the ole' game making wagon. Gonna produce some actual results this time.

Working on a little project right now, entitled MAY PROJECT. It'll be free to download and what not, I'll let you know when the little prototype becomes available.

Threeli said...

And, as it were - sorry for the insane pause in posting. I had a ton of 'interesting' things happen in my life. I hope things are well, and I'm really excited to see what you're working on of late.

Let me know what's up!