Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Cold

Wohoo.. Understood now what went wrong the other day.
Nils Deneken is working on the Waterfalls scenario.
Integration of Box2D worked and now we're tweaking around and fixing it, so it runs the way we want. Any Box2D-wizz out there? I'd like to chat about it.
Getting cold in Copenhagen now. Happy holidays, everyone.


Kian said...

Looking really beautiful, wow! Big hugs to both of you!

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hey Kian.. What about NGJ? are you coming? Stay at my place if you like..

Kian said...

Hey Bernhard! I don't know if I can go to NGJ yet, but I'd love to stay with you if I do! It was too long since we met :(