Sunday, July 19, 2009

no more sweden!!

No More Sweden is over. It was cool to meet up again with everybody. Also I met many nice people. Some were even from overseas. (From Toronto and from Phoenix) Here's a snapshot from an unfinished game, I made at the party. It's called C Y A N   M A G E N T A   S E X  and it's supposed to be a 2-player party game where a couple has to reach orgasm. Maybe I'll continue a bit and see where it goes. Soon I'll post some photos too.
Also, mad thanks to Martin Jonasson 'Grapefrukt' for making everything possible. 


Anonymous said...


Eli said...

Glorious! Let me know what came (get it?) of this.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Oh, I didn't continue on this. It would have been a 2 player rythm game. It would have needed more interesting feedback aesthetiscs. It was good trying it out, though.