Friday, June 12, 2009

Games played in the Philippines

While travelling in the Philippines I came across a couple of games.

Catch a big beetle and bind it to a stick with a cotton thread. It's like a remote control toy helicopter. If the beetles are lucky they get released after play. Most of them face a grim fate.

Lots of Sony's PlayStation Portables. I've never seen so many of those. The children in the photo surprisingly played N+, a 2D indie game.


jeb said...

Haha that beetle game sounds like fun! :D

See you at No More Sweden!

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

See you soon. :D

Watching these children play was endearing.
What you can't see on the photo is, that some of them were scared by the insects they had on their stick. So they chased each other while being afraid of their own beetle. That was really funny.

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

Beetles Noooo! Haha, sounds like an interesting time. How's life mate?