Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Survive in the Woods

Only very recently I had an art attack. Art attacks come and go without preceding warnings. This one had the theme: "Survive in the Woods".  Here are some of the results. They often inspire me to go on and perhaps make a game or a comic. I would like to make an adventure game sometime soon.


Louisload said...

yes, art attacks. Sometimes I have some of these too! Here, I'll show you: http://tinyurl.com/d8spg2

that little red being close to the trees on the rainbow reminded me of Mimitchi for some reason XD

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

I didn't know about Mimitchi. It's a Tamagotchi character? Do you mean the fire-character on the mushroom (it reminds me more of Calcifer from Miyazaki's movie 'Howls Moving Castle')
-or- do you mean the one who throws the rainbow?
That one looks a little like Mimitchi indeed.

Louisload said...

I was refering to the fire-character because of his large ears, but you're right, the one who throws the rainbow does look more like a Mimitchi XD

Threeli (Dev Blog) said...

I am currently making an adventure game. Your post is ... well timed. I shall perhaps email the reason why.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

@Louisload: It's Mimitchi wearing a hat. You can't see the ears. :D

@Threeli: Why? How? What's the game? Who's the game? I got game? You got game. What's the game behind the game? (I am being a rapper again. ) ^_^

Adventures *ROCK*.

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

I added the original drawing of 'Mushroom Forest'.

The first one is before the second one is after post-production.

Heather Conover said...

I find it funny that you have had an art attack recently. Perhaps we are on the same wavelength, despite our distance. I've been drawing and exploring different art forms for a few weeks now. You've inspired me to post some of it on my own blog!

Stay tuned =P

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Yeah. You should post it. I want to see!!

@Louis: so what is it? It's a cat, right? But what's the 'wing' about? Flying cat? :D
You know what is strange? I was thinking of a cat with bat wings coming out of it's cheeks recently. Pretty weird.

Anonymous said...

where is my art?