Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where is my Heart? IGF-Demo

Where Is My Heart? is a video game project by Bernhard Schulenburg. The game is currently still in development and will be released, in 2010.

There are Demos of the game, which you can play to see how you like it. Look for them in the category download.

Recently the game was selected to be amongst the winners of the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase, which made me, my mum and my dad fondly rejoice.
I also want to congratulate all the other winners, and encourage those who didn't make it this year, to continue developing and to try it again next year.


Heather Conover said...

Huge congrats, Bernie. I just got your message from Heather!! Small world, huh?

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Hah Hah, thanks Heather.
The world is SO small!!
Will you be at the GDC? :D

Heather Conover said...

Most likely I will not be at GDC :(. I wish I could go, though! Hopefully next year. Are you going?

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Yes!! I am!! Wohhhoooo!! :D

jie said...


"Where is my Heart?" works great under Linux, and it should be the same under solaris. Your shell script "/bin/" for mac just remind me there are also "refs/native/linux" and
"refs/native/solaris". (I know nothing about how this works.)

Thank you creating such a nice game for poor linux gamers ;p

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

I never actually got to packaging it for linux or solaris.
So.. does the sound and music work too?

Bernhard Schulenburg said...

Oh, one more thing:

Love to the Linux users!!