Saturday, March 1, 2008

Game Mechanics

The player can switch between three characters. A little like in Lost Vikings, if you remember that game. The characters are three monsters. They represent me and my family. The game is about finding a way to the Big-Heart. Depending on the actions the three monsters take they produce Little-Hearts that fly to the Big-Heart and take influence on it.
In my family there is a lot of love. People often symbolize love with a pink heart. I think that's just part of the truth. I think love also has a bitter, hurting side. That's why in the game there are also bitter, dark-green hearts. They represent the hurting side of love, of which there is a lot in my family. The three monsters produce such bitter-hearts and send them flying to the big Pink heart. It then changes hue and eventually becomes bitter green. That's my idea for today.

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